The forgotten church

Reineh is a small village in the suburb of Nazareth. In the year 1927 an earthquake struck the area and completly destroyed the main Church in this village. In 1999, the christian families in Reineh, with the tremendous help from their archidiocese, developped the vision and plans for their new church.
Unfortunatly, in 2004 money ran out due to the economic hardship, and the project came to halt, leaving the church in unfinished state, only the concrete structure.
In 2010 the parish raised additional funds from its parishioners, despite their meager financial means, and from generous donors from Nazareth.
People started to pray in it, but still on concrete floors and base walls, and without any basic amenities.

As a very small minority of Christians (less than 2%) in the Holy Land, they have no resources or help from any official entity in Israël.

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Congratulation letter of the archbishop of Lausanne, Fibourg and Geneva, for our film.